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Data och IT 1
Data och IT 1

Så kan du lära dig bemästra data och IT

Society is being digitized at an ever faster pace and the demand for people with knowledge in data and IT is increasing. Here we collect some tips and tricks for you who need help with data and IT or want to learn more about data and IT yourself.

Digital competence has never been more important. In a society where large parts of all communication takes place via mobile phones, computers and tablets, there is a great need for people who have expert knowledge in these areas. Data and IT are simply crucial areas for companies, individuals, politics and society. But even if it is important with data/it and that it facilitates a lot – it can also be very frustrating when it doesn’t work. If you yourself are not an expert in data or IT, it can often be difficult to remedy more advanced errors – you either have to learn it or you have to contact an expert.

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It is about programming, IT security, algorithms for digital systems, among other things. In concrete terms, it often involves building or structuring data systems – or maintaining these data systems. If a company needs help maintaining or building software, they can benefit from consulting a person who studied computer science.



Get the help of a person knowledgeable in IT if you need help from a person who knows computers, software, technology and which IT products to buy. A person who is a professional in IT, such as an IT consultant, IT strategist or IT coordinator, can also help a company make a needs analysis of which IT equipment the company and its employees need to acquire.


När bör man ta hjälp av en data- eller IT-specialist?

It depends on. A private person can often solve simpler technical problems with the computer or mobile phone on their own and by searching the internet or asking a knowledgeable friend. But in the case of problems that are difficult to remedy by yourself, a private person often needs to turn to a support technician or IT technician who has special competence in the area in which the error occurred. 

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A company often has a greater need to consult people who are specialists in data or specialists in IT, compared to private individuals. First of all, a company needs help knowing what hardware and software they have. Then they need help evaluating different quotes on different systems against each other and then they need help installing what has been purchased. Finally, it is important that companies service their data and their IT systems, as the financial lifespan is extended and possible errors are prevented.

Hur utbildar inom data och IT?

The opportunities to learn about things in data and IT are very large.

There are both engineering courses in data and IT, for example bachelor’s programs in computer science or systems science. But there are also shorter vocational courses in data or IT that lead to highly qualified and well-paid jobs. The labor market prospects for jobs in data and IT are very good, as demand is constantly increasing. Companies, authorities and organizations need help in getting people, data and IT systems to work together to a greater extent.